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Dating Detox: No time for anything else


The signs that you need a dating detox are not all about the effect dating has on your mood when you’re no longer excited about them or you feel as though you’re not getting any return for the effort you’re putting in. Sometimes dating takes over your life and you need to be careful that this doesn’t happen.

If you discover that you simply have no time for anything else that you may be pushing your dating life too hard. Going on several dates a week is hard work. It’s really taxing on your mind and on your wellbeing and dating burnout can occur. This means you won’t perform at your best on each date and you won’t enjoy much success.

If you’ve not seen your friends or family in ages because you’re always dating; or you’ve not taken the time to just chill out and relax; or if dating is starting to interfere with your professional life, now is the time to enjoy a dating detox. Then you can start dating at a much less furious pace in the future in order to do justice to yourself and to the people you meet up with