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She denounces the class elitist Rotheram authorities for having a low regard for the squalid and dissolute working class white girls in their care. She denounces the criminal class Asian predators for taking advantage of the easily deceived working class white girls of Rotherham. She also denounces the wretched girls parents for their underclass status and economic predicament reflected in their way ward uncontrollable daughters.

At no point does Yasmin Alibhai Brown admit of it being that the feminism, the socialism and the welfarism that she vociferously espouses and advocates is the breeding source and fount of the mass ferralism gendertopia is observing. No, on the contrary she persists to defend the system given how lucrative it has been for her.

“White experts and officers have for too long been reluctant to confront serious offences committed by black and Asian people. Such extreme tolerance is the result of specious morality, that credo that says investigating such crimes would encourage racism or enrage community activists and leaders, or, worse, make the professionals appear racist. So, instead of saving children who were being gang raped, drugged, assaulted, threatened and terrorised, they chose to protect rapists, abusers, traffickers and drug dealers. And themselves.

I don’t need to state the obvious, but I will. Only a small minority of Asian men are hunting and hurting white girls. Grooming gangs are made up of all races and classes. That said, the Rotherham report will, I hope, stop the apologists and silence their usual denials and pretexts. I mean the anti-racists, academics and time serving public service workers who have been defensive and unwilling to condemn what they should.

I can imagine what the talk will be among Asians in Rotherham today. Good people of course will feel shame. Lots, however, will not, and instead will blame the system or the victims – young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds who were lured with cheap gifts and false affection. Such children are seen as trash, low life, by their rapists as well as the authorities, including the police.

The perpetrators are not paedophiles in the normal sense of the word. Racial and cultural odium as much as ugly lust and power drives them to abuse. Most of them are also irreversibly misogynist. It is a lethal mix, this sexist psychopathy.”

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abraccadabbra September 2, 2014 at 15:52
Yasmin Alibhai Brown continues